Site Audits & Assessments

Safety Coordination can undertake Audits and Assessments of your workplace and/or
functions to ensure your business complies with relevant legislation, industry codes of practice
and Australian Standard (where relevant).

The Audit report looks at 25 different points across all areas pertaining to safety. The report
will provide a list of prioritised recommendations for improvement.

Audits & Assessments are based on:

  • Risk Management Process (Australian Standard AS/NZS 4360: 2004).
  • Relevant Legislation and Industry Codes of Practice relating to your particular industry.
  • Industry Guidelines
  • Australian Standards

Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements

Risk Assessments are the basis for determining the risk levels and controls for all activities
across your site or workplace.

There are various Assessments that may need to be completed:-

  • Plant Assessment
  • Chemical Assessment (hazardous Substances / Dangerous Goods)
  • Manual Handling Assessment
  • Job Safety Analysis (Overall Task Assessment)
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS’s)

Safety Management System (SMS) (Construction Safety Plans)

Safety Management Systems are an integral part of your business. They are designed to
integrate with the other management systems of the company. There are many sections to
a SMS ranging from Risk Assessments, Incident management (reporting & Investigation) to
Job safety Analysis, Safe Work Method Statements (under current legislation there are some
tasks that require SWMS’s) and Safe working procedures. All the systems incorporate into the
overall Safety System to ensure the safety of your staff, visitor & contractors and for the safety
of your company as a whole.